Floral suspenders




One of the only photos I took that night LOL. I was all the way in back sitting on the lawn so the quality is sucky. Sorry!


Outfit details
Suspender shorts: Forever 21 | Crop top: Forever 21 | Sunglasses: Forever 21 | Knee socks: Asos | Shoes: Etsy (vintage) | Choker: scrapcityla on Etsy | Belt: Target

Friday night I went to see The 1975 in concert for the sixth time and they were amazing as usual! Unfortunately, I did not take any outfit photos of what I wore at the concert but I will most likely wear the same outfit sometime so I’ll be sure to take photos for a future post (two words: HEY ARNOLD). I did not take any quality photos that night because I was having way too much fun singing alone to every song. There is something about sitting on the lawn under a bed of stars with hazy eyes listening to one of your favorite bands. The stage lighting and sets were pretty incredible and they have grown so much from when I first saw them in 2013 in an intimate venue of less than 200 people before their first album came out.

Anyway, this outfit it what I wore for a casual lunch with my friend a couple days ago. Although I did not wear this at The 1975 concert, it is an outfit I would wear to an outdoor concert because it’s comfy, it’s not a skirt so it won’t fly up, and I think it’s cute because I’m in love with anything floral! What’s your go-to concert outfit look like?


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