Weekend forest witch vibes


Outfit details
Tshirt dress:
Missguided | Tights: ASOS | Shoes: Torrid | Ring: Modcloth

Wow! What a great weekend! On Friday night, my good friend/photography blogger and I had a lovely impromptu photoshoot before our friend’s birthday dinner at a Brazilian steakhouse where waiters walk around with all-you-can-eat slabs of meat.

The next day, I ran a 5K with my boyfriend in perfect East Bay weather. I had three goals in mind: beat my personal record, do not stop jogging until the second mile, and keep my rest stops to under 3 and under 20 seconds. Unfortunately, I was about two minutes shy from my PR as this course had a couple of hills (the course I PR’d at did not have any hills). However, I did reach my other two goals! I will have another blog post up about my fitness journey that I am pretty stoked to share!

I spent Saturday night at a local improv theater where they put a hilarious comedy show much like Whose Line is it Anyway? where the host asks for audience suggestions for skits.

Thanks to my friend Nicole for taking my photos! Check her site out at


6 thoughts on “Weekend forest witch vibes

  1. i love the vibes of this!! the shoes are so cool + your hair is ah-mazing 😀
    instagram: the_ch1ara


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