I’m obsessed with this outfit


Outfit details
Top: Modcloth | Shorts: Forever 21 | Jacket: Target | Choker: Lovelyaurashop on Etsy | Bag: Spreepicky | Shoes: Etsy | Lipstick: Cathedral by Kat Von D

This is an outfit I wear constantly because it is basically everything I’m obsessed with…the first thing being peter pan collars. I’ve gotten several peter pan blouses and dresses from Modcloth and I’m still not over them. THESE SHORTS THOUGH. I own 3 pairs of these because they are so comfortable and flippy and cute! They have an illusion of a skirt but they don’t fly up that much like one so I’m not constantly pulling it down while I walk up windy San Francisco hills. Also, daisies. I’m all about that.

This olive parka is a staple in my closet. I once had a jacket like the one I’m wearing shrink in the washer and I immediately went online to get a similar one because it’s just a must-have for me. I actually have the same story with these booties where my first pair got worn out and I had to search far and wide for these vintage Cobbie Cuddlers online in my size. It was not easy, but when I finally did find a pair on Etsy I snatched it up hella fast.

The piece I get complimented on the most is my bag and it is my absolute favorite. It is very appropriate at the moment because I’ve been binge watching the original Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon Crystal lately. Ever since I got this bag I have not worn another.

So basically, I love this outfit a lot. I’m actually wearing almost this exact same outfit in this book full of plus sized fashion babes that you can purchase here.


I haven’t been feeling that well lately but getting up and getting dressed in one of your favorite outfits helps me a lot. So if you got up and got dressed today, good job.


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