Wednesday Addams vibes




Outfit details
Dress: Ebay | Stockings: ASOS | Lips: Tulle by Colourpop

My sister and I went to see Beauty and the Beast on Broadway during opening night on Wednesday and I was so enchanted! The singing was top notch and the costumes were gloriously beautiful,but I was ridiculously in love with the set designs! My heart strings pulled a little and I had a wave of nostalgia hit me during the ballroom scene (who wouldn’t??).

This dress was from Ebay and imported from China (unfortunately, I could no longer find the seller) and it was a steal for only about $17 dollars!  A year or two ago I posted a photo of me wearing this dress on my personal blog and healxryellow came across it and drew this super cute drawing of me!

This dress was also perfect for my Wednesday Addams costume during Halloween in 2015.

Wednesday Addams dressed as a cat or a cat dressed as Wednesday Addams?

Hope everyone has a beautiful weekend! xo


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