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race diaries // part 1

I’ve never been a runner. Honestly, I despised it then and even today I’m still not a huge fan. What I do love the most about races is bonding with other people and that glorious feeling of accomplishment when you cross the finish line. Before I started going to the gym I never thought I would be capable of completing any kind of race. Whether it is an all flat 5K, a hilly 12K, or a killer obstacle course race, I’m proud of how far I’ve come and what my body can accomplish. This is an ongoing series of posts about all about the runs and obstacle races I’ve completed!

November 2015 // Fun Run 5K

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This was my first 5K ever. In fact, before this run I don’t think I have ever ran more than two consecutive miles ever. At this point I think it was almost 3 years since I even ran an actual mile so I was pretty sure I was going to drag ass. I was probably 6 months into going to bootcamp and was pleasantly surprised that I did not stop to rest almost until after mile one. My boyfriend was running with me and stuck with me to motivate me during the run. I didn’t set any goals for this run but I told myself my next run I definitely wanted to improve my time.

February 2016 // Bay Breeze 5K

I spent Valentine’s Day crushing this 5K! Again, my boyfriend was there jogging beside me and served as great motivation since I was trying to keep up with him. My main goal was to was to beat my first 5K time and run as far as I can without stopping. I beat my 5k time by 7 MINUTES and did not stop to rest until a little over the second mile. This is currently still my PR.

April 2016 // Western Pacific 5K


My main goal of this race was to PR and to run as long as I can without stopping. Unfortunately, this run was a bit hillier than the Bay Breeze so I was about 2 minutes shy from my previous run time, but I did reach my goals of not stopping for the first two miles and kept my rest stops to under 3 stops and under 20 seconds.

May 2016 // Bay To Breakers 12k

This was my very first 12K and since it was Bay To Breakers, of course I had to dress up! I dressed up as Sailor Mars to put my bodysuit to good use and found perfect matching running shorts on clearance at Dick’s! I went with my boyfriend and my friend who dressed up as Sailor Saturn. Although this race was for fun, I was a bit nervous because the most I’ve ever ran was a 5K. My main goal was just to have fun and try to run it under 2 hours and I reached that goal. After the killer Hayes hill, the run was less tough than I had thought it would be and I definitely would do it again because I love dressing up!


Part 2 of my race diaries will be up sometime soon! Please check out my fitness journey if you haven’t already! 



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