Race Diaries

race diaries // part 2

Completing an obstacle course race was something I saw other people do, but never thought I would be able to accomplish myself. But…that was before I joined my gym bootcamp.  All the races I’ve done so far had one thing in common: I could not and did not do it alone. I never could have done any of them without my trainers nor without the help of my gym family! My favorite thing about OCRs next to that amazing feeling you get when you successfully complete an obstacle, is the memories you make with the people you’re experiencing the same journey with.

May 2016 – Rugged Maniac NorCal

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I was signed up for Tough Mudder months and months before the actual event but I did not want that intimidating course to be my first obstacle course race. To get a tiny taste of what I should expect during Tough Mudder, I signed up for Rugged Maniac, an obstacle course race that was only about 3 miles. Although it was easier than I had thought it would be, it was still extremely fun with several of the obstacles challenging your balance. I attempted every obstacle except one, which was running up a half pipe to pull yourself (or get pulled) up. I successfully completed all the obstacles I attempted except Bang The Gong (did not bounce high enough to bang the gong before I fell into the water) and the monkey bars. All the obstacles were pretty fun, especially since I was with a big group of my gym friends, but my favorite was probably the very last one of the race: the water slide!

June 2016 – Tough Mudder Tahoe


Not going to lie…I was a bit afraid of participating in Tough Mudder because I heard so many stories about the insane things you have to go through that had me thinking “who the hell comes up with this stuff?!”  After a bit of convincing, I got signed up months in advanced and I’m so glad I went through with it! I know tiring steep hills in high elevation, submerging yourself in 10 tons of ice, being covered in layers of mud, and dashing through 10,000 volts of electricity sounds pretty scary but I’m not fibbing when I say that it was one of my favorite experiences. I spent almost 7 hours on the course with an amazing and inspiring group of people. There were people in our group lending their body parts to be stepped on so every single person can climb over walls and people meeting you on the other side of the wall if you needed help down. Everyone was helping everyone and everyone made sure nobody got left behind. I know there were a couple of obstacles I almost skipped because I was afraid I couldn’t do it, but with encouragement by the people around me I was able to complete them! The determination and camaraderie of the group was inspiring and made this one of the most memorable experiences I’ve had.

July 2016 – Spartan Super SF

Looking like I was 10000 percent done but had to tread on! All worth it in the end.

Okay…I lied when I said Tough Mudder was the toughest thing I did. This 8.7 mile course was a lot tougher for me because it was about 100 degrees out, the hills were excruciatingly steep, and there were a lot of them. Although I did have to skip some of the obstacles, I surprised myself by climbing a couple of the walls without any assistance, killing the plate drag and the atlas carry, and not quitting even when I felt like low-key dying.  I completed this race with a whole group of amazingly badass women that I could not have done this without! This was my first Spartan race and I hope to keep training so I can do more!

Check out part 1 of my race diaries. This will be an ongoing series!


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