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IT’S FALL! // part 1





Outfit details
Top: Modcloth | Cardigan: Target | Skirt: Posh Shoppe | Necklace: NinaAmes on Etsy
| Shoes: Yours (I think)  | Lips: NYX Copenhagen over Colourpop Tulle

It’s the first weekend of fall so of course I had to go hard with a two part blog post about all my fall favorites! Fall is my favorite season because it is a season that strongly entices all five senses. For me, autumn tastes like pumpkin spice in every drink. It smells like freshly baked apple pie right out of the oven.  It sounds like the satisfying crunch of leaves underneath my boots with each step. It feels like the warm hug of a comfy, oversized sweater. It looks like the warm flickering light of a candle flame illuminating the inside of a carved pumpkin. Here are some of my fall favorites to celebrate this season!


Fall essentials: lipstick

1st coloumn: Zipper and Limbo by Colourpop. 2nd coloumn: Copenhagen by NYX, Transylvania by NYX, 6×6 by Melt

I have to bring out my favorite lippies during the fall time which include burgundies, plums, violets, browns, and vampy reds. My absolute favorite lipstick to wear during fall is Copenhagen by NYX and it is a sweet steal for only $6!


Decor DIY: rustic mason jar vases


I love this very simple DIY because it is so versatile and looks really cute and rustic (which I love for this season). I’ve used these jars as vases, makeup brush holders, and desk organizers. To make make this DIY more autumn-like, I would use either white, brown, orange, red, or any jewel tone chalk paint and add my favorite fall foliage for a charming and rustic vase!

You’ll need these items:

A paint brush, chalk paint, a mason jar, wax (or any sealer), aging cream (optional), a damp rag, ribbon, and a dry cloth (unpictured)

Step 1: Apply a layer of chalk paint and let dry for at least 2 hours before applying a second coat (if needed). I like to use either CeCe Caldwell chalk paint or FolkArt Home.
Step 2: After 24 hours use a damp rag and rub areas of paint off the jar that you would like to distress.
Step 3: Buff in wax with a dry cloth to seal paint. I use CeCe Caldwell clear wax.
Step 4: Optional-rub in aging cream with a dry cloth or your finger. I use CeCe Caldwell aging cream.
Step 5: Add twine or a ribbon and you’re all finished!


Feel fall with….

an autumn playlist of songs that make me want to curl up in a blanket near fireplace while I sip a salted caramel hot chocolate or warm apple cider.



Fall for your tastebuds: drinks and snacks

Before you curl up and listen to that playlist, I think you may want to try these drinks or this snack! My boyfriend and I had a date night-in during the weekend and got to try out these rad recipes along with some wine and a meat and cheese platter while we curled up on the couch and watched High Maintenance.

Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate

Recipe from

This was the perfect rich and creamy dessert drink for a cold autumn day! I used Trader Joe’s Fleur De Sel Caramel Sauce and it was so decadent. We put what we didn’t drink in the freezer and the next day made an awesome frozen salted caramel hot chocolate drink that is perfect (and still fall as hell) for warmer autumn days.

Pear Vanilla Vodka Cocktail

Recipe from

Pears are one of my favorite fruits and the unsung MVP of the fall harvest. I really wanted to try out a fall cocktail and saw this one from and immediately had to try it out because it involved my two faves: pears and vanilla! I used pear nectar and added some sugar for a little more sweetness and it was awesome.

Baked Cinnamon Apples

Recipe from

I love baking and there is nothing like warm, soft cinnamon apples to warm my cold heart. Plus, my kitchen smelled amazing once I opened the oven. I served this with whipped cream but it will be tasty on its on or with icecream!


I will being a part 2 where I will share my fashion and home decor fall essentials, favorite fall cookie recipes, and the fall/Halloween decor I put up in my bedroom! 


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