Halloween 2016: Woodland Creatures

Since Halloween is coming up I wanted to share some last minute woodland creature costumes that just involve ears (handmade or bought) and the right makeup. I also like to give them a little personality because I’m so extra. I hope these costumes will inspire you some if you haven’t figured out what you want to dress up as for Halloween!

The Dark Bunny

  • into making potions and reading
  • only comes outside during the fall time
  • loner because everyone in the forest is afraid of her because she keeps to herself
  • an actual sweetheart that just wants love and affection
  • never makes love potions because she believes love should be authentic


Outfit details
Top: Target  | Skirt: Posh Shoppe | Shoes: Torrid  |
Ears: From an old costume(I added flowers to them)

The Sweet Tooth Cat

  • really into desserts
  • looks like a soft sweetie but wants to fight everyone
  • is very sensitive deep down
  • sarcastic and clever
  • uses humor to mask insecurities
  • doesn’t trust men


Outfit details
Top: Kohl’s | Shorts: ASOS | Shoes: Yours | Ears: Forever 21

The Queen Deer

  • ruler of the magical forest
  • gives good advice
  • revives plants and grows flowers
  • loves spring and most powerful during that time
  • fairies and elves put flowers in her antlers as gifts
  • everyone is intimidated because she is so mystical and authoritative but is actually chill AF
  • her wisdom comes from consuming the glowing magical mushrooms that grow in her forest


Outfit details
Top: Target | Shorts: Kohl’s | Shoes: ASOS | Ears: Handmade | Necklace: Forever21

If anyone wants to know how I made these ears…first I used pipe cleaners to make the antlers. Once I created the shape I wanted, I wrapped foil tightly around the pipe cleaners and then covered the foil in masking tape. I added water and Modpodge to a bowl and used napkins to paper mache the antlers to cover all the masking tape. Once every dried, I mixed gray and brown paint to paint the antlers and I used a hot glue gun to attach the antlers to a wide headband. Afterwards, I glued leaves and flowers on the headband.  For the ears, I cut two pieces of brown felt the same size and then two pieces of pink felt the same shape but a little smaller than the brown. I glued the pink felt to the brown and hot glued it to my headband.

Based on the traits which woodland creature are you? Have a happy and safe Halloween!



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