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2016-12-10 09.32.41 1.jpg
Sorry for the phone quality photo but I wanted to show you this amazing metallic lipstick!

Outfit details
Jacket: Forever 21 | Jeans: Forever 21 | Headband: Modcloth |
Choker: Etsy | Lips: Blackheart Fallen Petal Metallic

This is my first post in over a month and I’m really sorry for ignoring this blog for so long! The holidays have me preoccupied and I’ve been using a lot of my free time for planning and gift making! Since all that is almost finished and over with, I wanted to focus my attention back on this blog.

So can we please focus on my new favorite jacket??? The embroidered roses sold me on it and I’m absolutely in love. This bomber jacket is quite possibly my favorite clothing item I bought this year. With this outfit, I strayed a lot from the things I would normally go for in everyday wear. For example, I hate wearing ponytails because I only have two hairstyles-hair down or half up half down. I also usually don’t wear hair accessories but I thought this headband really tied this outfit together. I’m actually even wearing pants(???????) and metallic lip gloss instead of matte. What the hell, right?

Metallic lip gloss, though. I’m a changed woman. I went Christmas shopping at Hot Topic the other day and came across Blackheart matte lip creams, metallic lip gloss, and lip kits. Since pretty much all of my lip products are matte lip creams, I wanted to try something new and I went for the metallic glosses. I got the Fallen Petal lip kit (included lip liner, metallic gloss, and matte lip cream) and the Cocoa metallic gloss. Ladies and gentleman, I am officially a metallic lip gloss lover.

Aside from trying new things with fashion and makeup, I’m trying out new creative outlets. I’ve had a nearly empty Smashbook for over 3 years and near the end of November I finally started filling it and using it as a mixed media journal. I think once I complete the entire journal, I’ll post a journal flip-through since my Youtube channel hasn’t really been updated.

The very first page I completed in my new mixed media journal
A body positive mixed media page with my favorite quote

Whether it is fashion or makeup or creativity…don’t be afraid to try new things. Also if you like metallic lips, what’s your favorite product?  If you are into mixed media journaling, what are your essentials?



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