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LATER 2016 // You are here

With the end of the year approaching lightening fast, I wanted to share my favorite moments of 2016!


I started this blog.  I was so inspired by some of the messages I got on my personal blog that I start this blog up all about fashion and body positivity in April of this year.


I completed my first 12K. LOL running. I’ve always hated running but I’m paying to run now ya’ll. Thanks 2016. I never thought I would run a distance longer than the 5K and yet…


I dove into the addicting world of obstacle course racing. I’m proud to say that I completed my first obstacle course, Rugged Maniac, with a group of awesome people from my gym where I almost successfully completed all the obstacles I attempted. I completed my first Tough Mudder race with a fun group of complete badasses where getting electrocuted and diving into gallons and gallons of ice was kinda actually fun. I completed my first Spartan race in 100 degree weather with an inspiring group of ladies where I really had to push myself to finish. I completed my first Gladiator Rock N Run with a dream team where we stuck together the entire time.


I got to travel a bit. I had a blast at Disneyland with my boyfriend and my awesome squad. It was truly an even more magical place with a big group of people you love! I got to take a family trip to Los Angeles as well where we had a fun day at Universal Studios and visited the enchanting Rain Room. I stayed in a peaceful cabin with my boyfriend in Boulder Creek surrounded by trees and hiked to the “hidden” river where  we stripped to our undies and splashed around. My brother took me to Portland where we got to call a tiny house our home for a couple of days and hiked in the pouring rain in cold, deep water.


I attended my first (body positive) fashion event and it was empowering as fuck. I got to see lovely plus size models of all shapes rock the runway unapologetically in sexy lingerie and meet Valerie of BigGalYoga!


I got creative. Working from home can get pretty boring. During some work down time I watched a lot of Youtube videos and was inspired to do more DIYs, redecorate my bedroom, and even start an art/mixed media journal.


I continued my fitness journey. There were scale victories and non-scale victories. I’ve gotten stronger, a bit leaner, my endurance is so much better, and bootcamp gym has become a huge part of my life. I have met so many inspiring people on this journey! I am that person that never forgets it when someone helps me out. I remember every hand (or leg) lent to help me up walls during races or any moment someone pushed me to do more than I thought I was capable of. Ya’ll the true MVPs of my year.

A page in Monsters Under Your Head by Chad Sugg

Among my several happy and proud moments of 2016, of course there were moments where I wasn’t happy. There have been insecurities. There have been disappointments. There have been frustrations. There have been anxieties. There have been tears. To anyone who has lost a loved one in 2016, to anyone who has lost themselves in 2016, to anyone still here in 2016:  I hope 2017 brings you the peace you deserve. Whether this year was mostly filled with moments of joy or moments of sadness, celebrate it. Celebrate crossing the finish line because it was a journey worthwhile. Celebrate laughing for the first time in a long time, there will be more of that. Celebrate the life of someone you lost because you always have these memories to look back to. Celebrate not knowing what the hell you’re doing at 25 because I just now realized that there are many of us on the same boat. We’ll sail together. Celebrate the very fact we are alive. We survived 2016. Whether you are happy, unhappy, or somewhere in between remember we are still the lucky ones that get to continue on with the human experience. We’re still here. You are in this very moment. What are you going to do in yours?

See you in 2017!



5 thoughts on “LATER 2016 // You are here

  1. You are truly an inspiration! I just recently got into the world of obstacle racing and I’m completely hooked, but I went through a lot of self-doubt that I could actually complete an event due to my size. You just showed me that I can do anything I put my mind to regardless of my size! I completed Rugged Maniac this past weekend and Tough Mudder is on my list of races to conquer. Thanks so much for your blog and inspiration!

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