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The Sailor Moon Collection at Soft Babe Bloom

Hey guys! I just re-opened my Etsy store this month and I’ve been waiting so long to finally release my Sailor Moon collection! This weekend I gathered a bunch of my friends to be my Sailor Scout models and it was so fun! I made two styles of each inner senshi: one-color and two-color crowns. These crowns have a white satin headband base, foam roses, and are backed by beautiful iridescent leaves for all you magical babes.

PRINCESS modeled by Sammi

I was going back and forth on whether I should make Sailor Moon’s crown the color of her uniform or her primary color. I went with her primary color since it was the color of all her accessories and her casual outfits. Sammi also did most of the other girl’s makeup!

ILLUSION modeled by Karen

So totally my fault, but I know in this photo it is hard to tell that this crown has two different shades of blue but I included a more accurate photo of the colors on the listing page! Also my sister Karen looks like an anime character in this.

IGNITE modeled by me

Much thanks to my friend Nicole who was my photography assistant and took photos of me and her niece for another collection (that I can’t wait to put out there). You can check out her blog at!

FLOWER HURRICANE modeled by Alyanna

I decided to go with a pastel version of Sailor Jupiter since it was hard for me to find a shade of green that I liked to go along with the pink that I had, but it is one of my favorites of the collection.

LOVE ME modeled by Anisa

Here are all the one-color crowns:




Huge thanks to all my beautiful models and my helper Nicole! These Sailor Moon inspired crowns are available here and are $16.99 each before shipping. I can’t wait to share my next collection very soon! ❤

Check out my video promo for this collection at @softbabebloom on Instagram!

Which is your favorite?



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