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Hello! My name is Monica. I’m 24 and currently living in the always interesting city of San Francisco. Aside from fashion blogging and shopping you can usually find me petting my cute cat, traveling with my friends, playing the drums and piano, sweating at my bootcamp gym, taking photographs, running with my boyfriend, petting other peoples’ dogs, scrolling through my other blog, binge watching a television show, trying out new recipes I found online, or at a concert.

Fashion wise, I don’t really have a certain style. I just wear what I like & try to put my own twist on it–I think that’s what fashion is all about! I do have an obsession with peter pan collars, skater skirts, ankle booties, and not wearing pants, though.

About the blog

My blog title is a nod to one of my favorite shows I started watching in 2013, My Mad Fat Diary, a British series set in the 90s that realistically portrays an overweight teen’s life as she deals with mental illness, relationships, and self image issues . Thanks to the show and the amazing body positive community, I gradually learned self love and had enough confidence to post my own outfit photos. It has been about 3 years since I started posting photos on my personal blog and, after a couple thousand followers and beautiful messages from other women, I was inspired to create this new blog with the main focus on plus size fashion and body positivity. Seeing other plus size woman who are comfortable in their own skin confidently killin’ it in outfits I thought I’d never wear changed my perspective of my own body. My body positive journey not only opened my eyes, my heart,  and my soul, but led me to other journeys that I did not think I was capable of before.

I will try to keep this blog mainly about fashion and body positivity! I may have a few blog posts about DIYs and travel diaries but I will most likely try to tie fashion or body+ into it! All photos are mine unless stated otherwise.